Just another day at the office!


While setting off on drive my guests request to see some Elephant and Rhino… So off we go!

We find the Elephants with ease – the whole herd relaxed, going about their business. Some are stripping off the bark from branches, while some are munching happily on grass – which at this time of the year is akin to Straw! The youngsters are cavorting and playing with each other in the cooler evening air.

A while later while approaching a watering hole, we find a herd of buffalo that is slowing trotting up to go drink water – I smile – there is nothing better than watching Buffalo drinking and nervously watching out for lions.

I then find a Porcupine happily snacking on “Mother in Laws tongue” – a succulent plant found in the region. I think to myself, WOW, a Porcupine in broad day light… Now that was a treat.

We later saw two Aardvark – now seeing one in an evening is great, but two… That can only be a sign – summer is on the way.

After a spectacular Sunset and a warm evening, I can only be thankful…

What an amazing day in the bush!!!

Story by: Hailey Bunge-Kapama River Lodge Ranger


img_2967Last night was great, as we drove around one of the corners-there he was, a Civet. The best time to see these animals is usually early mornings or late afternoons. Ocassionally they have been spotted during the day at waterholes. You may find them on their own or in pairs.

They have a huge range of food from insects to the largest prey- a scrub hare or guinea fowl. They have  regular latrine sites known as civetries. One of their most favoured food sources are millipeeds.

Story by: Richard Brune-Kapama River Lodge Ranger