What a good night

Our guests were only staying for 1 night and myself and Steven (my tracker) were under a little bit of pressure to find them the animals that they wanted to see.

We started by looking for some elephants and went to the area were they were last seen on the morning safari. We found some nice fresh sign of these big animals, dung and some fresh tracks. Lucky for us we found them not to long after we had found the signs.
It was a very nice sighting, a big heard of the elephants crossing the round in front of us along with some young ones.

After that we took a bit of a break and stopped for some drinks on one of the dams in the area, watching the sun set and hearing the guests talking about how awesome the elephants were.

After the drinks stop we headed to a dam; a pride of lions was seen in the morning heading in the direction of this dam, in the hope to relocate the lions. It was a very hot day and myself and Steven thought that they might drink some water there.

When we reached the dam there was a big herd of buffalo busy drinking water. I turned my vehicle a little bit more to the side so my guests could see it nicely when Steven said that there was something on the other side of the dam that looked like a cat. Our first instinct was that it was the lions, but we were surprised when we got closer. It was not the lions but a male leopard lying on a termite mound looking at the buffalo.

The leopard was very relaxed and gave us the chance to get within a few meters of him.

And just my luck this was one of the few days that I left my camera at home. But it was still amazing to see this magnificent cat.

Stefan de Weerd – Kapama River Lodge

Lion Surprise

We decided in the afternoon to try look for the pride of lions that hadn’t been seen for a few days as they were last seen in a new area in the reserve called lerato. It has only been open for the past month so it is hard to tell where you are; we all are still learning the roads. So I drove around looking for any fresh tracks.

After about an hour my tracker Give told me to stop. He got off the tracker’s seat and told me to have a look. Finally we got fresh tracks so we started to follow the. After a while the tracks disappeared into a thick block, too thick to follow on foot safely so we went around the block to see if we could find any tracks coming out but nothing. We were just about to give up when Give said that he heard something so I stopped to see if I could hear it too. Unfortunately, I heard nothing so decided to leave the area. As we turned around a corner, there they were walking in a dry river bed; what a surprise! We got them


Bryan – Kapama River Lodge


Like every year, we went through the winter season here on Kapama Private Game Reserve. There is always enough natural feed and water for all the animals on the reserve, but we were all a little bit worried in the beginning of the summer season which is our rainfall season. The days were not as warm as we would expect and the little bit of rain we had wasn’t enough at the time. Then the days got warmer, water evaporated and the water sights appear to dry up. What can we do if the rain doesn’t come? Will there be enough water for the animals to drink?

Once again nature showed us that it always takes care of itself; during the last week we had more than enough rain. The water sights are full and the bushveld is green. All of this makes the behavior of the animals change. They are like little kids that have a new toy, running around, making funny noises and chase each other around. All of this will be enough to pull them through the next year, the same way it has done in the past. There will be enough food and water for the animals now. There will be enough for the whole ecosystem for that matter. New born will take action and the variety of healthy genetic pools will keep on growing stronger. The balance of nature on Kapama Private Game Reserve is just in place.

The first morning after the good rain, the sunrise was beautiful. As I looked upon the Drakensberg mountain range, I thought to myself, we can do just what we want, but we can not make beauty like this, we do not have the power to create nature or make it more perfect than what it already is. We should respect nature because it is more than what we will ever be.

I thank you Lord for opening my eyes.

Janco Du Plessis – Kapama River Lodge

An unexpected surprise

On Sunday afternoon I set out on game drive with my guests not knowing what I would or could find in the heavy rain. It was not ordinary rain either; this was proper African rain, pouring as if it would not stop. So we drove down a few roads trying to find some animals when, out of nowhere, we found our big male lion with a female on a gnu/wildebeest kill. It was an unforgettable experience as he started roaring, letting others know that this is his territory and no one should enter it. This was something unexpected as, during the rain, it is unusual to find rare animals such as lions. Nevertheless, we found them and had a great sighting.

Pieter – Kapama River Lodge

Early mornings in Africa

One is never really certain what to expect out of a morning safari at Kapama.
It all started off with us going to the area where the pride of lions was last seen. On our way we see the male lion tracks going one way accompanied by one female and the rest of the prides tracks nowhere to be found, so we follow the male lion tracks to a point where we see where they were sleeping and moving a lot.

Eventually, we get the male lion mating with the female. This was truly something spectacular to see as none of us were expecting to find this.

After we left them to themselves, we stopped and enjoyed some coffee and then started to head back out to see what the rest of the pride got up to the previous night. Finally, we find the first tracks not to far west of where we had found the male. After a while of tracking we find them looking as eager as ever to hunt so we followed the into a block.

The lions slowly came up to some wildebeest and we knew then that there would be some action. The females started spreading out into different directions and started charging. As we caught up with them, we found one of the females with a baby wildebeest in her mouth. Not long after, the other females joined her and they started feasting. None of us could believe what we were seeing. It was truly something to remember.

JT – Kapama River Lodge