A new baby rhino

As the sun was starting to bring warmth on my guests on the morning game drive, the animals like giraffes, kudus, impalas started appearing from the thick bushes. Birds were doing their calls, advertising their territories. When just around the corner of a junction we sported a massive female white rhino and next to it we saw an animal that we thought was a warthog, but only to find it was a less than 12 hours new baby rhino, unable to even walk properly, you could even see through the small gaps of the ribs. The mother was not so comfortable with us and decided to lead the young one into the bushes. An amazing sighting one I will not forget.

Story by: Nelson Siboza-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

What a drive!

Last night’s game drive was a cracker, our first sighting was of a large African wild cat tom that was strangely active considering it was still daylight, and these shy, elusive cats are usually active after sunset so seeing him during the late afternoon was quite a treat! Off to a good start.

 Little did we know there was more excitement to come, after stopping for drinks and a breathtaking sunset, we donned our warm jackets and set off into the cold African night, only to be rewarded with a sighting of a female leopard resting lazily on a branch of a Marula tree.

 I didn’t think we could better what we had seen so far but as we headed back to the lodge an aardvark (ant bear) crossed the road in front of us allowing us a great view of the entire animal, more often than not we only get glimpses of them as they disappear into long grass or thick bush.

 And last but certainly not least we saw 3 porcupines foraging along the road just south of the lodge finishing off our game drive beautifully.

 Story by:  Ryan Roodt-Kapama River Lodge Ranger

Mongoose vs Cobra

It was just after we stopped for coffee and a leg stretch, I saw in the grass on a collapsed termite mound a fairly large snouted cobra standing hood open and staring into the grass. We waited for a minute or so to see what was bothering it. Then all of a sudden, bursting out though the grass was a solitary slender mongoose lunging at the cobra back and forth and the cobra striking back at the mongoose, this game of chicken lasted forty-five minutes. In the end it seemed like both cobra and mongoose came to an understanding. Both going their separate ways and live to fight another day.

Story by: Rob Brouard- River Lodge Ranger

As we go deeper into the winter period

As we go deeper into the winter period we start to notice how thin the bush has gotten, allowing us to see further into the bush and exposing the smaller more elusive animals like steenbok and duiker and some rarer animals such as aardvark!

 Today however it was one of our largest species that made for an exciting experience for both myself and my guests. We set out shortly after breakfast for a walking trail with the aim of having a more intimate experience of the bush and the small wonders it holds, after 2 hours of walking through the bush exploring the different trees, plants birds, tracks and signs we were treated to a sighting of a female white rhino and her sub-adult calf grazing about 30 meters from where we were hidden behind a thicket of gwarrie bushes, down wind of the rhino’s and hidden from view we were able to spend several minutes watching these awesome animals without any threat of danger.

We then quietly made our retreat leaving the animals blissfully

Story by: Ryan Roodt -Kapama River Lodge Ranger