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Kapama News - Summer 2014

Karula kids cook and create

Kapama River Lodge Lounge

In the photo: Left to right: Jenilee, Leo and Cailin Titshall

Children visiting Kapama Karula are treated to intriguing entertainment, bush style. From paper-making to baking, hours of fun are guaranteed while they learn new skills in the spirit of Africa.

The Children’s Programme at Kapama Karula is specially designed to be captivating for children across a range of ages, and it always delivers. Making elephant dung paper is a favourite activity, and kids go out into the bush with a ranger to collect dry elephant dung for this purpose.

When the kids break open the dung – wearing gloves if they so choose – they are fascinated to see what’s inside: beetles, pieces of bark, leaves and other plant material. The ranger then explains the role of dung beetles and the different plants in an elephant’s diet.

Then it’s playtime, and children get down and dirty making their own paper from a mixture of elephant dung and papier mâché. A mesh frame is pulled through the mixture to create the sheet of paper, which is then left to dry. Kids take home their ‘bush’ paper, proud of their skills and with the memory of a unique experience.

If kids prefer to be in the kitchen, Kapama Karula offers them an afternoon of creativity. They can bake beautiful cupcakes to serve to their parents at afternoon tea. Or they can dress up as chefs and create their own pizzas for dinner. Unique pizzas in the shape of Africa and an impala head have already emerged from the Kapama Karula kitchen. Being a kid at Kapama Karula is definitely never boring.

Luxury tents for romantics

Kapama River Lodge Lounge

Kapama Karula has upgraded its two traditional Meru tents to decadent status. Natural wooden floors, simple clean lines and décor reflecting earth tones and elements ensure the ultimate safari experience under canvas.

Tented accommodation is evocative, intimate and romantic and offers an authentic African bush experience with no rough edges. So, if it’s tranquillity and a taste of a bygone era in Africa you seek, Karula’s newly refurbished tents are a charming option. It’s camping at its most elegant.

Buffalo Camp staff garden flourishes

There’s heightened awareness around global warming and climate change, and Buffalo Camp is doing its bit to curb the problem.

A staff garden was planted in September 2014 and the first seeds sprouted after just three days. Butternuts, boer pampoen, plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, red onions, spring onions, white onions, green beans, peas, carrots, red and yellow sweet peppers, nasturtiums, beetroot, gem squash, watermelon, sweet melon, spanspek, Swiss chard, basil, parsley, oreganum, red cabbage and white cabbage have been planted. The staff take turns weeding and watering the garden and the produce is used as additions to staff meals – home grown and super fresh.

Fertilizer is natural ash from the many boma fires for guests at Buffalo Camp, and the wood for these fires is collected from trees pushed over by elephants – so recycling is an inherent part of the process. Staff are already enjoying the harvest from their efforts – delicious fruit and vegetables, direct from the garden.

Meet Kapama River Lodge’s new F&B staff

Kapama River Lodge Lounge

Kapama River Lodge is proud to introduce its new food and beverage manager Stephen Catto, restaurant manager Rephos Gumede, and bar manager Michelle Samuel.

Stephen was born and raised in Cape Town and learnt to cook in his mother’s kitchen. He opened his first restaurant at age five, when he cooked Sunday dinner to order for the family, for pocket money. His first job was as a pizza delivery boy, but he later worked on cruise ships around the world, as well as a for an array of five-star hotels. He says: “I am very lucky to have found a home at Kapama, and I am extremely excited for what the new team will achieve.”

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New expanded spa offerings

Kapama River Lodge Lounge

The Kapama Wellness Centre at River Lodge offers the ultimate relaxation experience, along with breathtaking views. To add to the luxury, new wraps and facials have been added to the menu from December 2014.

The new wrap treatments include a mineral wrap, hydrating wrap, cellu-eliminate wrap and a detox wrap. Facials now include a classic Moor facial and a vitamin C glow facial. These treatments use a natural product that is one of the best in the industry – Moor Spa products. Moor Spa harnesses the potent and highly therapeutic properties of the Australian Moor in an extensive line of skin, body and wellness products.

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Karula kitchen promotes two passionate chefs

Kapama River Lodge Lounge

Nhlonishwa Mchunu as is the new executive chef at Kapama Karula. With almost seven years of experience in the kitchen, food is life for Nhlonishwa – and at Karula, he lives his passion for preparing fine cuisine.

“Working as a chef, I have come to love the challenges involved in educating myself to create interesting and exciting food of a high quality. My personal belief is that this can only be obtained through a focus on achieving a balance of flavours, textures, colours and artistic expression; through presentation and cooking with an intimate knowledge of the ingredients that make up a dish.”

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