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Kapama News - Autumn 2015

Raking in the awards

Kapama River Lodge Lounge

TripAdvisor awards for Kapama lodges

On the 23rd of January 2015, Kapama River Lodge and Kapama Karula were awarded Certificate of Excellence Awards by TripAdvisor, based on millions of reviews and opinions collected by travellers in the past twelve months.

We are proud to announce that River Lodge was placed second in the Top 25 hotels in South Africa category and fifth in the Top 25 hotels in Africa category. They were also awarded tenth position for Top 25 luxury hotels in South Africa, nineteenth for Top 25 in romance, and seventeenth for Top 25 for service.

Kapama Karula, being a more exclusive and luxurious lodge, was awarded seventh place in the Top 25 luxury hotels category along with twelfth place for Top 25 small hotels and twenty-second for Top 25 in service.

We are elated to have been selected for all of these accolades!

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Out on Safari

Moria Male

Pride news

The Moria Madoda, our resident feline Cassanova, is the proud father of several lions on Kapama. He has been seen babysitting a few of his previous cubs from his own Moria pride, three ten-month old males and two seven-month old females, while their mothers were off hunting. He has also been strutting his stuff with one of the Guernsey pride lionesses, so hopefully we’ll have some new cubs again some time soon!

It is always good to know our animals are eating well and are in good condition, so we were happy to find the Moria pride on an enormous giraffe kill. Lions will typically eat from a carcass of this size for up to a week before leaving scavengers like vultures and jackals to clean up the remains.

Moria Pride Guernsey Pride

The Guernsey pride is also doing well. Their two five-month old cubs were recently introduced to their older siblings as well as their father, to both their own delight and that of the lucky guests who got to watch!

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Fun in the sun!

Kapama River Lodge Lounge

Buffalo Camp Valentine’s special

This year, Kapama’s Buffalo Camp celebrated Valentine’s Day in an exceptional way - a red velvet cupcake decorating competition! This was the first event of its kind at Buffalo Camp, so we were a little apprehensive about how the competition would be received by our safari-going guests, but it didn’t take long for our fears to dissipate.

It was a picture-perfect summer day for this outdoor event next to the camp pool, where both guests and camp employees gathered at tables laden with all manner of toppings and treats for the competition, their sights set on the title of Master Decorator. Melani Opperman (Buffalo Camp Manager) and Vasti Wilson (Buffalo Camp Executive Chef) outlined the competition rules before dropping the flag for everyone to begin.

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Dinner by candle light

Kapama River Lodge Lounge

Celebrating Earth Hour at Buffalo Camp

Saturday 28 March 2015 marked the ninth anniversary of the internationally celebrated event, Earth Hour. A total of 170 countries in 24 time zones have taken part in this event annually since 2007, with one common goal: Proving that no individual action on climate change is too small and that no collective vision is too big!

Between 20h30 and 21h30, guests at Kapama Buffalo Camp were requested to use no electricity; to switch off all lights and air conditioners, and not to charge any mobile or smart devices.

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Let's get personal!

Kapama River Lodge Lounge

All the latest staff news

Everybody loves to see the Big Five on safari, but the real stars of the show are the rangers and trackers who get up every morning to find those animals and explain their interesting ecology and behaviour. And let’s not forget those who work predominantly behind the scenes - the camp staff - ensuring that Kapama’s camps are the perfect place to relax after a successful game drive.

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to three of these dedicated people: a young tracker with a thirst for knowledge and self-improvement, Karula Camp’s new head ranger, and the new housekeeping manager at Southern Camp.

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